How can you fix a joint between the ceramic tiles at terrace floor?

12 | 08 | 2019

Ceramic tiles at the terrace could cause dumps; therefore you must fix it as soon as possible.

In Finques Feliu we know that damps in a house are a frequent problem which causes extrordinary expenses to who lives in it. In this sense, our Front Office and Facility Management services are able to deliver a quick answer to the different needs that may arise. However it is we always recomend to do a proactive maintenance yourself as owner or tenant of the house. 

Today, with Bricomania we are going to talk about how you can repair a terrace joint.. In the moment of schedule this post we are looking calendar: this post must to be just before the second half of August because many years  rains begin then and continue during the whole Autumn.  

 It is when the summer sun burns, the sky is blue and we think about sunbathe when we see that there is a joint on our terrace: we must act without hesitation. Take note of how to seal it step by step:

1. Clean the joint with a brush: when you see the joint, which is nothing more than an excessive separation between tiles, the first thing to do is to clean it. Pay attention, you have to do it carefully in order to avoid spoil the asphalt.

2. Prepare the putty: a joint exists because the mastic has decreased or directly disappeared.  So it has to be 'restored'. In this sense we have to prepare the product following the manufacturer's instructions. Thus, we will use mortar to get a mass as homogeneous as possible.

3. You ought to look in specialised shops for the mastic in the most suitable shade: we are not artists but aesthetics matter. 

4. Delineate the joint with adhesive tape: the putty needs a short drying time. Do not waste time during the minutes of drying you must use sticky tape to mark the action camp. 

5. Apply the putty with a spatula: the repair is already taking shape. At this point it is time to re-establish the putty in the joint.

6. Unhook the adhesive material and remove the excess with a sponge. Attention, in step 4 we have recommended the use of sticky tape: now it is time to unhook it and remove the adhesive material excess in order to be clean and make a 'perfect' job.

We have already fix our ceramic tiles! Quicly we have prevented the consequences of an 'innocent' joint.

We hope that our post will help you!