A coffe with... Carles Subirà

16|09|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

1. A bit of history: What is your company's history? What are your main values? What services do you offer?

How can you avoid a food poisoning at home?

09|09|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

Today we will talk about food security. The risk of poisoning in Spain is nearly inexistent. In spite of this, we understand that you…

FAQ's on owners' community meeting

02|09|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |


To have everything clear is always basic.

What is the right term: 'Owners' Meeting' or 'Neighbors' Meeting'? 


DIY: how to drill glass?

26|08|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

The glass is pretty this is out of question. Apart from its aesthetic qualities is an excellent insulator and is therefore widely used…

Find out which is our presence in Social Media

19|08|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

A social network is an Internet site which connects people who is logged . Currently there are many of them and we are 'always'…

How can you fix a joint between the ceramic tiles at terrace floor?

12|08|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

In Finques Feliu we know that damps in a house are a frequent problem which causes extrordinary expenses to who lives in it. In this…

Find out the electricity meter secrets'

05|08|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

First of all we want to point out that the electricity supply must to be hired with an electricity firm: it is illegal '…

How to fight against plagues at home?

29|07|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

The 'Real Academia Española' defines plague as follows: 'a massive and sudden appearance of living beings of the same species that cause…

Which taxes must pay a 'fiscal resident' and non 'fiscal resident' in Spain

22|07|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |


At Finques Feliu we strongly believe that honest coperation with other firms represents and extra for our client. On this…

What can be done against excessive noise at home?

15|07|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

Excessive sound affects us all year long and everywhere. The harmless sound limit according to the World Health Organization is 65…