Tips to overcame fuel poverty

18|11|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

In Spain around 10% of the population suffers from 'fuel poverty'. How is this concept defined? When you suffer from this it is…

Pep Feliu: 'the goal is to achieve the confort of an hotel at home'

11|11|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

Six months ago we started with enthusiasm the section 'Interior Design' today we continue with passion. This concept is a step further…

Let's talk about harrasment in the owners' Community

04|11|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

In the owners' community the majority of conflicts can be managed and solved, however, it is not always like this. Then in people's mind…

DIY: how to make a shelf?

28|10|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

This coming Friday is All Saints' Day we Suppose that you have already…

FAQ's about lifts

21|10|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

We are sure you've ever thought 'how useful it is to have an elevator at home.' We appreciate having one when we arrive from shopping,…

How to prepare your home against heavy floods?

14|10|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

In spain there are 700.000 inhabitants living in zones at risk of being flooded. Today we will describe how to prepare your property for…

Why you must know mailboxes regulation in owners' community?

07|10|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

We begin with a key question: is a problem to be not able to receive postal mail? Absolutely. Not having a mailbox a one that is not…

How is regulated and guaranted the right of Housing in Spain and in the European Union?

30|09|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

 This post stems from a thought: 'as Real Estate Agents we must provide you a basic notion about the legal system in housing'. We will…

10 Tips to slowdown polution in your home

23|09|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

The World Health Organization (WHO) has proven the existence of indoor pollution. In this article we are going to guide you to fight it…

A coffe with... Carles Subirà

16|09|2019 | By: Finques Feliu |

1. A bit of history: What is your company's history? What are your main values? What services do you offer?