DIY: how to drill glass?

26 | 08 | 2019

DIY requires: patience, hability and precisión.

The glass is pretty this is out of question. Apart from its aesthetic qualities is an excellent insulator and is therefore widely used at home in: windows, furniture finishes, bathroom screens, tables etc. . Its frequency means that sometimes it has to be repaired or you will have to modify its surface. Today we will talk about how to make a hole.

Keep in mind that glass is fragile and can be broken so the question arises: can I make a hole with a drill? The answer is 'yes but'... this task is dangerous. Therefore the hole cannot be completed quicly or without care.

In this text we will tell you how to protect yourself from it, what drill you may use, and how to perform the task successfully. So, to drill the glass you have to use flat bits that have a very sharp widia tip and a motor that allows you to regulate the power.

How to protect yourself from glass? With a working dress or other dense suits which cover the whole body up to the wrists but with this is not enough we also have to preserve our eyes with working glasses and your hands with gloves. The whole body has to be absolutely preserved.

Once we are sure we can focus on the task:

We begin our job with the glass that we will pierce. If we want to make a hole in the glass, we have the risk of break it: we have to avoid this by all means. So the first thing is to use a marker to establish the area where we will work.

Then, with the support board very protected with a wood, we will move back and forth the drill bit to make a 'guidance hole' in the area we just pointed out. Now we will delimit the hole with plasticine that is very ductile and we will fill it with water because the liquid lubricates.

Next we join the drill bit to drill. We have to do it as follows: slowly, with a regular rythm avoiding any percussion. We repeat: we don't want to break the glass and, in addition in the next step we will give use to the hole.  Dare to use glass. For example, do you want to put a door handle? We must apply transparent silicone inside the hole.

Now you can apply the method to other diverse objects such as a mirror: the way is the same but it is recommended to drill the backwards.

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