How to fight against plagues at home?

29 | 07 | 2019

Plagues can deteriorate our health, affect furniture or clothes. It's time to kill them: we explain how with many links -in Spanish however you can read the entire text-.

The 'Real Academia Española' defines plague as follows: 'a massive and sudden appearance of living beings of the same species that cause serious damage to human populations, animals or plants'. Infestations are not curses: information is power. 

1. Triggers of plagues:

1.1 Dirt: clean your house regularly and conscientiously. In the same way, be careful don't throw away the garbage  close it properly: you must be proactive.  

 1.2 Constant humidity: watch out the water appearance from small leaks or stagnant water in dripping pots or taps: we explain how to change a tap

1.3 Dark corners out of sight: use stairs or other means to always reach hidden areas. As the definition that opens the article implicitly indicated, a plague needs time to reproduce: stop its biological clock.

1.4 The cracks: a floor that, without necessarily being in bad condition, has cracks is open wide to insects solves this problem.  

2. Main types of plagues: 

2.1 Flies and mosquitoes: This cosemarozono article explains many techniques to keep these insects under control. Among them is evident that, although we don't like chemicals, you can use mosquito nets to kill them.

2.2 Ants, cockroaches, wasps and flees: the mentioned species present peculiarities but they can be gathered due the fact that the four need  cracks in wall to enter. Especially in the case of ants don't leave in down shelves: sugar, honey, jams: the sweet things will attract them. Descale explains how to act against these bugs. 

2.3 Parasites in pets: we know that you appreciate your domestic animals but they can be vectors of plagues. Do you want to prevent it? As Zurich indicates, follow the vaccination calendar established for your pets and, in addition, you will save them from suffering.

2.4 Termites: they are hosted in wooden beams we recovered a 2015 article from our blog. Termites are very difficult to detect. For this reason, more than in other pests is important to prevent: the good news is that you can do it and with many home remedies explains 

2.5 Moths: these lepidoptera proliferate in dark environments with cracks and have as objective besides the clothes the wood and the nectar of the flowers in house this link of includes information on how to fight them.

2.6 Rats: they are very dangerous for our health, they are vectors of diseases, for its capability to eat our food and even for the risk of fires. Yes, they can cause them by gnawing at the cables. This rentokil link explains how to eliminate them once and for all. 

2.7 Acarus: many people have allergies to them. Sanitas explains to us how to prevent their appearance and, in case, that they appear to make life impossible for them. Before they appear you can act now: ventilate your house, vacuum the dust and change the sheets at least once a week.

2.8 Bed bugs: unlike other pests, their spread does not depend on the cleaning, although obviously always cleaning is the right choice. Bed bugs are brought into your home via second-hand objects (clothes, furniture etc.). It is important to emphasize that fumigation is not useful to kill them. In order to eliminate its eggs you must keep the house tidy and clean. Remember: the corners are your enemies. Anticimex explains it in detail.  

In this text we have named twelve species that can become domestic plague. In this delicate matter it is worth being exhaustive and, of course, giving you solutions.